Training Specifics

Training Specifics


The training curriculum consists of a combination of classroom review and discussion of rules, mechanics, game management and overall officiating protocols for the respective sport. This activity is supplemented with on court/field instruction to simulate and reinforce actual game officiating skills.


The sessions are normally a ninety minute presentation once a week in the evening. This schedule may be modified to accommodate participant’s schedule’s, and classroom or field/court availability.


Training levels differ in cost and curriculum in following ways, and may require additional training time and competency verification.

Middle School Certification – basic rules review and interpretation, standard two person mechanics and general game management strategies.

High School (sub varsity) – additional time and focus on pre-game/post-game communication and introductory techniques to game crew management.

High School (Varsity) – additional emphasis and training on three person mechanics, crew management, mentoring and post season protocols.

Collegiate – Focus on NCAA/NAIA rules, mechanics and universal communication techniques.


Class materials, in the form of rule books, are covered by the tuition fee. However, additional or recommended materials are the participant’s responsibility. (Please refer to the registration form for current fees)


The Instructors are current or past high school, collegiate or professional officials with experience that ranges from high school state playoffs, NCAA Division 1 playoffs, NAIA playoffs and professional assignments. Special guest speakers are available to present as their schedules might allow.

Please Note:

CJMSOA does not assign games! Your training completion certification should be presented to the local association for membership and further training and actual game assignments.

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